We give you sharp and clear rates, and are always flexible to meet your needs and budget.

As each job is unique and each project different, we do not work with fixed rates. We can quote an hourly rate or give you a project price. We always ensure high quality at competitive prices and attractive discounts. Our quote gives you a transparent view of the costs from the start. We make proper arrangements and we keep our promises, so that you exactly know what you can expect from us.

Sharp Rates

Our rates are variable. They depend on the type, duration and scope of your job. Normally our flat rate is €75 ($100) per hour, excluding VAT. However, for large and long-term projects we always offer lower rates. A few days a month we work at discounted prices for small businesses, starting entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and creative professionals. Sometimes we are even willing to trade favours in return. Contact us for more information and/or to make an appointment. We are happy to hear from you.

Discount Packages

If you want to make long-term use of our services, it may be worthwhile to purchase a package. For example, for the daily management of your Facebook account, one of our most popular services, we charge about €750 ($860) per month. For this amount we host your entire FB-account: we post your status updates, organize your ads, create your promotions and answer all your messages. Of course it is also possible to get a simpler or more extensive package. Check out our social media packages below or just ask us about the options.


Clear Quotations

You obviously want to know what you are going to pay when you hire us. You always get a quotation with a clear description of the services and their charges, including VAT and without hidden fees. Again, we start with your needs. We can for example project a fixed fee or an hourly rate. And we can bill per project or period. Depending on your assignment, combinations thereof are possible as well. Use the ‘please click here’ button below to request a quote today, of course wholly free of any engagement.