We offer a wide range of services in the field of media and communication.

We are involved in the following areas: writing commercial texts, preparing journalistic productions, managing websites and social media, developing graphic design and digital media, organizing special events and advising filmmakers and other creative professionals. We are happy to be there for your company, organization, event or project as well.


We write, rewrite, edit, translate and correct all types of commercial texts, for both offline and online purposes. You could for example hire us to produce and edit:

promo texts and press releases
brochures and product descriptions
newsletters and factsheets
web texts and blog posts
announcements and invitations
slogans and teasers


We provide journalistic productions and editorial contributions for a variety of channels, goals and target groups. We have for example vast experience in writing, editing and formatting:

news articles and commentaries
interviews and portraits
background and research stories
reports and features
essays and opinion pieces
columns and reviews

Online Content & Sociale Media

We manage the creative content of websites and social media for a diverse range of companies, organizations and individuals. We can also take care of the management of your online profile:

websites and blogs
Facebook and Twitter
LinkedIn and Wikipedia
– Google+ and Pinterest
Flickr and Instagram
YouTube and Vimeo

Web & Graphic Design

We create, develop and design a variety of digital and graphic media for all sorts of industries, businesses and clients. You can turn to us for the development and design of:

– WordPress websites and webshops
logos and business cards
brochures and posters
flyers and billings
CD/DVD covers and book covers
product and portrait photography

Media Production

We assist projects from mediamakers and other creative entrepreneurs at all development levels, from concept to marketing and from production to distribution. We can help you with your:

scenario and storyboard
commercial and creative films
logline and synopsis
project plan and grant application
distribution and marketing strategy
premiere and presentation

Event Organization

We are specialized in shaping, coordinating and organizing original and costumized events. The events we could accommodate you with include the following:

cultural events and festivals
book launches and film screenings
– performances (dj and live) and parties
expositions, workshops and lectures
social meetings and network events
company trips en bachelor parties